Customer satisfaction is a result of passion and conviction

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on a woodworking machine from Felder. With this decision they become not just a customer but a consultant on perfect woodworking.

The continuous cooperation and collaboration with hobby, business and industrial woodworkers is integral. This close cooperation makes it possible for us to identify the current needs and requirements of the machine operators so that we can incorporate these factors into the development of new machine concepts, enabling us to be able to offer optimised products that give our customers the edge over their competition.

Do you also work with a FORMAT-4?

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Alfred Buchegger, Buchegger&Beisteiner, Austria

"Thanks to software connectivity, we can now centrally transmit the data online to order processing from all company locations. No more time is lost, sources of error are excluded.The fact that no additional data preparation is necessary and high priority orders can therefore be brought forward flexibly and quickly is spectacular. In our market it is particularly crucial to individually respond to delivery time requests of our customers, which our data network allows us to do as well. My personal expectation has been met 100%! A production without software solution is something I can no longer imagine today!"


Christian Jehle, Kappl, Austria

"CNC has enabled us to process the materials quicker and more precise."


Tischlerei Christopher Harter, Austria

"Test pieces and adjustments when edgebanding were no longer required."


Hermann Affenzeller, Austria

"With my perfect 710 I have more time to accommodate the individual needs of my clients."


Martin Sponring, Austria

"My Format-4 CNC is extremely versatile and easy to use and the whole process worked perfectly, from the training on the machine to the maintenance support."


Paulus Eller, Ellbögen, Austria

"Thanks to my CNC the productivity of my workshop has risen dramatically. Even though I'm just a one man shop I can once again call myself competitive"


Tischlermeister Siegfried & Martin Heubacher, Austria

“My kappa 550 is the best. For about 18 months now my kappa 550 has been nothing but perfection. Time required to format and rip timber has been cut by more than half.”


Stefan Silberberger, Wildschönau, Austria

"My CNC allows me to be more flexible in every direction"


Hugo Llado, Perfecta Kitchens, Canada

"For our ultimate kitchen design we use only the finest materials, and put it all together to an exceptionally high quality."


Ebeniste Menuisier de la Brune, France

"I was faced with the decision to hire a new employee or upgrade my machine outfit. I went for the Format-4 and have never regretted this decision."


Remi Baujard, Lycée Le Corbusier, France

"For us, the new Format-4 machines offer the opportunity to teach at the cutting edge of technology and so optimally prepare students for their future."


Ing. David Cortes, Mexico

"Felder and Format-4 are a great partner with high-quality machines for me. Easy handling, high mechanical engineering quality and intuitive operation - my Format-4 makes me efficient and competitive."


Mr.Tatsuya Mizuno, Japan

"Although the price is not expensive, the machine is user friendly due to novel designs. The operator feel like having fun."


Peter and Jon Norris, Peter Norris & Son, UK

"The new opportunities this machine offers us are unbelievable. We are very satisfied with Format-4 and the honest and open approach of this company towards its customers. Felder is always only a phone call away, which is world class service!"


Steve Jewett, Handsie Display, UK

"Format-4 has opened up new possibilities for us. We are now able to achieve the work of several weeks in one day"


Firma Kolb & Dieng, Germany

“To secure my business for the future, I‘ve decided on CNC technology. Higher sales, higher quality and higher returns with the same number of employees... thanks to CNC, I now have a positive outlook for the future!”


Firma Lux Innenausbau, Germany

“All promises were kept, the user interface is simple and self-explanatory.”


Firma Schurer, Germany

"Ever since we took the step to transition to CNC machining with Format-4, we‘ve had 2 years of real progress. In the meantime, we have also switched to edging and finishing using Format-4 machines. The price/performance ratio was a powerful argument for making the change, and the sound advice and excellent customer care we received both before and after the sale were the decisive factors in our decision."


Jürgen Prasse, Germany

"The machines made ​​by Felder have turned everything as we knew it on its head. There are now no limits to our window construction and we can work faster, cleaner and more efficiently."


Schreinerei Vogler, Germany

Initially, we were very reluctant and took a long time to make up our minds about the purchase of our CNC Machining Centre. However, we were persuaded by the expert advice we received from Format-4. The representatives we dealt with were dependable and highly competent. Our Format-4 machines are tailor made to our requirements and give us the flexibility we need for our projects.


Hide and Stitch, UK

"With over 20 years experience in the furniture industry, we are confident that regardless of the size of the project – from a leather coffee table, to the grandest refurbishment – we have the skills and equipment to complete work to the standard expected of every client."


Markus Brandstetter, Austria

"I am glad that we made our decision for the Format-4. Now we are saving time, money and nerves!"


Duncans of Grantown, Grantown on Spey, UK

"The efficiency of the machines and the significant increased productivity has allowed us to diversify our business and offer nothing other than the best. Felder have been great…even though we are quite far away it has never been a problem and we have had an amazing service."


Romsey Coaches, Phoenix Bussing, UK

"The machine is a dream to use compared to our old panel saw. When trimming and routing large surfaces such as coach ceilings, a small mistake at the beginning eventually comes to have a significant effect on the whole product, but the saw is so accurate that we don’t waste time fixing mistakes."


Mark Hill, Mark Hill Carpentry, UK

"We researched the market thoroughly and were very impressed with the build quality of Format-4 machines. The machines have saved us an unbelievable amount of time and are a real pleasure to use. It’s been 3 years and the machines are still as precise as ever."


Kehinde Jolaoso, Folding Sliding Doors, UK

"The x-motion controls are easily accessible from the front of the machine, and extremely easy to use, especially when processing different kinds of workpieces when you need to quickly revert to your original settings. This is a massive improvement over our old panel saw."


Robert Branka, Tischlerei Wohntraum, Austria

"The use of my Format-4 perfect 710 pays off from three running metres already, and it achieves an excellent quality."


Edward Williams Furniture, UK

"Our H08 makes it so much easier - working with different angles for complex jobs has been made very easy. We are able to find a solution to any brief and execute the job to the highest possible standard. We are absolutely pleased with everything and anytime you need Format-4, they are always there and the service is brilliant - all you have to do is ask for help"


Cbros Services, London, UK

"Before we upgraded our workshop with the H50, we were not sure if we would be able to meet certain projects in their entirety; but now we can do anything and everything."


Andy, AA Joinery, UK

"We have a very good balance between our H10 and H22 and sometimes one person can run both machines if the job is right. The whole workshop runs faster, we can complete more jobs and the cycle times are a lot quicker than before."


Lorenz & Markus Utz, Germany

"The machine works to an accuracy of a tenth of a mm, test pieces are not required."


Hartmut, Bram & Tim Lens, The Green Gold, Belgium

"Thanks to the high efficiency of the machine we can offer our company and our customers the very best quality."


Roord Binnenbouw bv, Netherlands

"Format-4 have always offered us the best value for money, making the decision an easy one to make."


Tom Cannon, UK

"The spindle moulder is fantastic, by having the confidence in the reliability of the machines, I can fully concentrate on the work at hand."


Lee Parrott, Reddish Joinery, UK

"The accuracy of our Format-4 CNC machining centre is phenomenal, we now achieve the highest efficiency."


Robert Charles, UK

"I don't need to think about quality with my Format-4, I know that the result will be perfect - every time!"


Christophe Ettwiller, France

"Window production is so simple and efficient like never before! Thanks to these machines my company is continuing to grow."


Andrew, Malmo Kitchen & Interiors, Sweden

The machine works independently and does not need to be monitored, this gives us more time for other tasks."


Edgar Zehler & Michael Buron, ZEBU Manufaktur, Germany

"What is particularly important to us, is the proximity to the service staff. It makes it possible for us to react quickly, without losing any time. We know we always have a reliable partner at our side."


Schreinerei Weber, Germany

"Format-4 machines are unbeatable when it comes to the price/performance ratio in comparison with other manufacturers. With Format-4 I have found myself a competent and reliable partner for both machines and service."


Carsten Schulz, Germany

"At the end it was the consistent price/performance ratio that convinced me. I have now equipped my entire workshop with machines from Felder and Format-4."


Schreinerei andersartig. Hornburg & Thumann, Germany

"FORMAT-4 convinced us with solid machines, full of sophisticated technology and have proven themselves in the past couple of years as a first class partner with reliable and affordable service support. Simply a perfect complete package!"


Jürgen Rettenböck, Baierl & Demmelhuber Innenausbau GmbH, Germany

"I really like working with the plan 51. It is easy to use, robust and does exactly what I want. We simply always rely on our Format-4 machines."


Bernd Fissmann, Schreinerei Fissmann, Germany

”With the new Format-4 c express 920 classic, I have finally managed to enter into productive CNC manufacturing. An affordable machine with minimal space requirement – exactly what I’ve been looking for!”


Mirco Radecke, D4 Projekt GmbH, Germany

As a medium sized exhibition stand construction company with a large workshop, it is just as important for us to have professional and reliable technology as well as great staff. In exhibition stand construction there are extremely busy times, which can only be overcome when you have these attributes. The edgebanders and 5 axes CNC machines from Felder help us to achieve it."


GK Kaysen, Denmark

"We wanted a spindle moulder that could be quickly and accurately adjusted to the different work required to be carried out. The decision for FORMAT-4 was a quick one."



"The optimisation of material requirements, production time and manpower is amazing, we are delighted with the Felder Group."



"It has never been so easy to deliver the quality that the customer expects. Thanks to the advice and support given to us by the Felder Group we have been working at maximum efficiency for some time with a Format-4 perfect 608 edgebander."


Maxime Lionneton, Groupe TRIGANO VDL, France

"The best value for money on the market, the decision was easy."


Bouwbedrijf Ton Brasser, Netherlands

"A big step for us, but the flexibility and the speed in which we can now produce, has saved us a huge amount of time ever since the first day."


Westra-interieur, Netherlands

"The Format-4 machines are perfectly suited to our designer furniture. The high quality of our products can be compared with the high quality of the machines and service offered by Felder."


Bernhard & Dirk Moormann, Germany

"Before we converted to a Format-4, window manufacturing cost us a lot of time and energy. Now we are quicker, cleaner and more efficient, we get a lot more done in the same time. "


Christian Oppel, Fa. Bussmann, Germany

"We wanted a machine, that is easy to program and that every employee can work with. This was offered with the FORMAT-4 solution, both machine and software from the same supplier."


Erkan Yavuz Mobilya, Turkey

"In our hard work concept, our H24L has been a key solution to our production. Almost all special designs, special productions has been planned and manufactured by this machine."


Güral Ahşap, Turkey

"We solved plenty of our problems in window profiles with our new Format-4 profil 45."


Usama Kabbani, Closets Concept, Saudi Arabia

"Thanks to our local dealer and the quality of the machines from FORMAT-4 we can take on every project and guarantee to our customers that we will complete them on time."


Tadeusz Kędzierski, Poland

"Ich investierte in eine Format-4 profit H20 um meine Wettbewerbsfähigkeit auf dem Markt zu erhöhen und Effizienz und Qualität zu steigern. Seit über einem Jahr arbeite ich nun bereits auf einem völlig neuen Niveau. Bei Felder schätze ich zudem die familiäre Atmosphäre und Professionalität der Berater."


Artur Janik, Poland

"Preis und Leistung passen einfach zusammen und haben mich überzeugt. Ich vertraue der Marke und den Beratern. Die Programmierung ist einfach und schnell zu lernen – Ein echter Gewinn!"


Sławomir Michalczyk, Poland

"Ich wollte die Qualität meiner Produkte verbessern und entschied mich für die Plattensäge aus dem Hause Felder, die mir exakte Genauigkeit und hohe Schnittgeschwindigkeit gewährleistet. Gute Beratung und schneller Support ergänzen das tolle Gesamtpaket."


Piotr Grochowski, Poland

"Das CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum profit H20 ist das Highlight in meiner Werkstatt. Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit sowie der professionelle Berater haben mich einfach überzeugt."


Józef Zambrzycki, Poland

"Price & quality have convinced me. The felder group telephone-hotline is also a real plus factor."


Marcin Kuć, Poland

"Die Entscheidung für das profit H10 CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum aus dem Hause Felder war einfach. Das große Arbeitsfeld, die einzigartige Verarbeitungsqualität und ein gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis waren beeindruckend. Kompetente Beratung, professionelle Schulung und ein guter Service komplettieren das tolle Rundum-Paket."


Krzysztof Fikus, Poland

"Ich habe mehrere Maschinen aus dem Hause Felder. Zuletzt habe ich in eine Kantenanleimmaschine investiert und bin begeistert. Zuverlässige Funktion, hochwertige Ergebnisse und die unkomplizierte Handhabung sind absolute Highlights und erleichtern meine Arbeit wesentlich."


Schreinerei Spazierer, Deutschland

"Die kappa hat unsere Produktion auf ein völlig neues Niveau gehoben. Produktivität und Effizienz sind einfach fantastisch!"


Schreinerei Erform, Deutschland

"FORMAT-4 hat unsere speziellen Anforderungen als Großbetrieb sofort verstanden und uns ein passendes Maschinenkonzept zusammengestellt. Perfekte Betreuung von Anfang an."


Möbelmanufaktur Goertz, Deutschland

"Format-4 ist ein echter Familienbetrieb und gleichzeitig einer der modernsten Maschinenhersteller Europas mit perfektem Rundum-Service. Ich bekomme alles aus einer Hand und direkt vom Hersteller – Das ist unbezahlbar."


Sandalyeci A.S. , Türkei

"Die Oberfläche der Werkstücke ist wirklich unglaublich!"


Akaal LTD, England

"Wir wollten perfekte Oberflächen produzieren und genau das können wir jetzt."


Erkan Yavuz Mobilya, Türkei

"Die Entscheidung für Format-4 war goldrichtig und war ausschlaggebend für unseren Erfolg."


Michal Žák, Tschechien

"Die Format-4 Fräse ist zuverlässig und genau. Meine Format-4 überzeugt mich jeden Tag aufs Neue!"


Famille Odinot, Frankreich

"Die Format-4 Kappa 550 ist ideal für massive Scheidearbeiten"



The reason why we have made the decision for the K550 E-Motion is that beside the excellent service from our local dealer, there is no circular saw on the market which is as versatile as the K550 E-Motion. The machine features combined with the cutting height of 200 mm and the precise E-Motion control unit is unique in my opinion.


Tookachoob, Iran

We installed our Profit H22 in 2010 and were that satisfied that in 2015 we added a H08. With 18 show rooms all over Iran, we produce a large number of parts per day. Our FORMAT4 machine were very reliable equipment in the past.


Joel Bastard-Rosset, Frankreich

"Ich habe meine erste Felder-Fräsmaschine 2008 gekauft und habe seither all meine alten Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen durch Felder-Maschinen ersetzt. Mein letzter Kauf war eine Format-4 profil 45 Fräsmaschine. Die Maschinen aus dem Hause Felder sind so durchdacht, dass sie für jeden Anwender geeignet sind."



"We didn't have space and resources for independent machinery, but we wanted to have machines that could perform and with granted precision and comfort“



"We work a very hard and expensive material, so we needed a machine which allowed us to work without mistakes and with maximum precision. After checking various models, we had the decision 100% clear: Format-4 with its KAPPA 80 was the ideal decicion."


Miguel Angel Camarena, Spain

"The training, service and attention that we received since ever, but mainly with this new technology, from Felder Group it is unbeatable".


Francesc Delgado, Spain

"We have a small workshop and we were looking for a machine capable to make our production profitable in the minimum possible space. We talked with several brands, but the C-Express 920 from FORMAT-4 is the one that we like the most. The advatages are ideal for our furniture production and the softwares are very intuitive and easy to use. After the first week we were already benefiting from it!! Moreover, we adquised the cabinet software F4 Design which allows us to draw the cabinets in 3D and send them to the machine with a click. We are still adapting as it's been only one month since we ow the machine, but the after sales service from Felder accompanied us at every moment and we already see that the decision is the ideal. Since more than 15 years we ow a combination machine from Felder, which is still working perfectly".


Juan Cabañas, Spain

"The confidence which Felder brand inspired to us it was a key point to decide for Felder and Format-4 machines"-


Steve Duck’s Integral Collections ltd, UK

“FELDER are able to help with a wide range of machinery from small machines to very large ones and since I have been involved with FELDER it has broadened our horizons so that we can make whatever we want to produce”


JSD-Woods, Netherlands

"Als Töchter eines unabhängigen Schreiners lernten wir von klein auf das Handwerk des Möbelherstellers. Heute entwerfen und produzieren wir Möbel aller Art, von kleinen Beistelltischen über Kästen bis hin zu Wandschränken mit sechs Metern Länge. Wir vertrauen bei unserer Arbeit auf eine kappa 550 x-motion, eine Felder AD 941 mit Silent-POWER Spiralmesser-Hobelwelle und ein RL 200 Reinluft-Absauggerät. Die Maschinen wurden termingenau und schnell geliefert und montiert. Seitdem arbeiten wir mit großer Freude und absoluter Präzision. Wir sind glücklich über die Entscheidung für die Felder Gruppe und freuen uns auf eine lange Partnerschaft."


VPK Joinery Ltd, UK

“We purchased the H22 so that we could make panel and door sets and because of the CNC training we received from FELDER, which couldn’t be better, we can now produce them and so much more! By the end of our four days training course we knew the machines inside out, it has helped us produce everything a lot faster”


The Living Kitchen, Niederlande

"Wenn Sie ein tolles Produkt hochwertig und effizient herstellen wollen, dann ist eine Format-4 CNC-Maschine der beste Weg dahin" ist Paul überzeugt. "Unsere Küchenplatten sind individuell perfekt zugeschnitten, mit jedem gewünschten Muster verziert und absolut passgenau. Die Maschine verfügt über eine C-Achse und ermöglicht so eine beeindruckende Bearbeitungsvielfalt. Wir haben die beste Entscheidung getroffen und ich kann Maschinen aus dem Hauser Felder nur jedem empfehlen".


New Bois Agencement, Frankreich

"Die einfache Handhabung, die Robustheit der Maschinen sowie deren Präzision und Zuverlässigkeit lassen keine Zweifel an der Entscheidung für die Felder Gruppe. Diese Maschinen sparen uns Zeit und Geld. Die hohe Qualität unserer Produkte für private und gewerbliche Kunden ist unser Markenzeichen geworden."


airleben GmbH, Deutschland

"An unserem Kunststoff-Standort in Gerichshain haben wir in die Optimierung und Effizienssteigerung unserer Produktion investiert. Die CNC gestützte Fräsmaschine optimiert unser Arbeitsabläufe enorm, denn sie ist schneller im Zuschnitt der Formteile und nutzt die Werkstoffplatten besser aus. Das erspart uns Zeit sowie Material und unsere Kollegen können nun effektiver arbeiten"


Miniatour, Iran

“With the versatile wide abilities of Format-4 CNC machine , not only our speed in manufacturing has increased but also we have more capability to design complicated products”


Mr. Sarvana - Citizen Industrie, India

"We are using Format-4 c-express 920 classic for our drilling operations, from the time the machine has been installed we are getting superb results! The service backup also has been commendable. We would strongly recommend FELDER machines for everyone"


Mr. Rajesh Sharma - Kalatmak Spatial Systems, India

"In the last 4 years we have doubled our production levels. Currently manufacturing retail fixtures and residential furniture, we plan to enter the high-end finish premium residential markets. With our plans to expand, FELDER will always be our first choice."


Mr. Raghuram & Mr.Venugopal, India

"The CNC Drilling from FELDER is the highlight of our workshop. Quality of machines & reliability on the service as well as professional consultancy simply convinced us"


Wendelin Krismer, Fiss, Austria

"With the performance and possibilities that CNC offers, I have lifted the economic-productivity limitations of my workshop"


Walter Heußlein, Germany

"Increased turnover, better quality and more profit with the same number of employees, with CNC the future is looking bright."


Schreinerei Epp, Germany

“From the first meeting through to the installation of the machine and the first processes and even with the correct choice of tools, we were looked after by competent Format-4 expert advisers and technicians. The advantage of the machine and the software coming from the same supplier, is that no excuses can be given: For optimum productivity CNC and software must work together smoothly!”